On November 27th, please join us at 321 Gallery to discuss some Slimy Fiction as led by SEMINAR's own Thompson Harris. Dredged from the swamps, we'll read Thomas Ligotti's short work Severini and H.P. Lovecraft's The Moon Bog as framed by a selection from Ben Woodard's 2012 book Slime Dynamics. With roots in the doctrine of philosophical vitalism, in which living and non-living are fundamentally differentiated due to a lack of a "vital spark", Woodard offers dark vitalism as a means to regrounded us in our often sticky origins. As Ben Woodard writes in his book ...

“Despite the fact that humans gradually ascended from these clustered ponds of ooze, slime, as both a general name for a life-generative and semi-solid substance in the physical sense and the disgust of life, the ostensible grossness of organic being in a metaphysical sense, slime remains something to be left behind and forgotten.”


"Slime, in the end, is the proof of cohesion and the hint of its undoing, the evidence that something disgusting happened, some foul thing called life. Something that will fill space till the cosmos burns too low for anything to again cohere, ending only with an ocean of putrescence spilling over into the boundless void of extinction."

― Ben WoodardSlime Dynamics

Date: Monday, NOVEMBER 27th
Time: 7:30 pm
Location:  321 GALLERY: 321 Washington ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205; Clinton-Washington Ave-- G Train please note:: 321 is on the garden level (basement)

1) Severini by Ben Woodard
2) The Moon Bog by H.P. Lovecraft
3) Intro and Part Two: Slime Dynamics by Ben Woodard