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This upcoming seminar will focus on Silvia Federici's work around the female body, Marxism, and the expropriation of free labor for profit. Silvia Federici is an Italian-American feminist scholar, teacher, and activist whose groundbreaking work expands on Marxism to explore the relationship between capitalism and gender--specifically division, alienation, and exploitation of the female body.

Silvia Federici co-founded the International Wages for Housework Campaign in 1972 which created a never-before-seen global platform to raise awareness of the sexist exploitation inherent in housework, childcare, and general "carework," fundamental to all forms of capitalist systems. 

The campaign was the first entity to propose that this carework--emotional, mental, and physical labor historically demanded of women without pay--actually deserves monetary compensation equal to other forms of labor. Caliban and the Witch: Women, the Body and Primitive Accumulation, one of Federici's most well-known books, is the focus of this SEMINAR. By connecting the expropriation of free female labor, both reproductive and otherwise, Federici outlines the historic struggle of land displacement, communalism, and the transitioning of Feudalism into early Capitalism in the 1500s in Western Europe. The chapter cited will continue our discussion of displacement--the expulsion of women, femme spirit from their own body. 

Hope to see you all there!

Essye and Thompson

Date: Tuesday, APRIL 25th
Time: 7:30 pm
Location:  321 GALLERY: 321 Washington ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205; Clinton-Washington Ave-- G Train please note:: 321 is on the garden level (basement)

1Silvia Federici - Caliban and the Witch - Chap 2 : The Accumulation of Labor and the Degradation of Women

2Marx, vol. I, part VIII, chapters 26-33 of Capital, "Primitive Accumulation” 

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