"The world is revealed to us, not by the fact that we come to have habits, but in the moments when, forced to abandon our old habits, we come to take up new ones. This is where we can catch glimpses - however mediated - of the emergent real to which we also contribute." 

Eduardo Kohn p.66, How Forests Think

Hey Folks,

Taking cues from Donna Harraway’s concept of “Companion Species” this upcoming Seminar will continue the arc away from an anthropocentric world view by looking at Eduardo Kohn’s recent book “How Forests Think”, an anthropological look beyond the human. Kohn’s book strides towards communication and thinking with the nonhuman through alternative means such as Charles Peirce inspired semiotics by bringing together humans, plants, physical processes, artifacts, and images with a more embracing semiosis. Set in Ecuador, Kohn’s book focuses on the Runa people a population set in the densely forested foothills of the Andes.

Date: Tuesday, Jan 31st
Time: 7:30 pm
Location:  321 GALLERY: 321 Washington ave, Brooklyn, NY 11205; Clinton-Washington Ave-- G Train please note:: 321 is on the garden level (basement)

1) Eduardo Kohn - How Forests Think -  chap 1 (& 2 optional)