Hello Friends -- Many thanks to those who came to the last seminar on Cyberfeminism this past February at the BHQFU. Our next readings group will focus on Speculative Realism. We'll be reading the introduction and chapter on Correlationism from Peter Gratton's new book, Speculative Realism as well as an essay by Graham Harmon from the 2011 publication entitled The Speculative Turn. Looking forward to an interesting discussion. Hope to see you all there.



Essye and Thompson


Next Reading Group Meeting

Date:  WEDNESDAY - April 8th

Time: 7PM

Location:   THINK COFFEE; 73 8th Ave between 13th and 14th St


1 - Peter Gratton Speculative Realism - Introduction, Correlationism and its Discontents

2 -  The Speculative Turn - Alain Badiou and Ben Woodard, On the Undermining of Objects: Grant, Bruno, and Radical Philosophy



Other suggested Texts/Links/Videos....

Graham Harman: Objects and the Arts